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Treatment of Alcoholism

Although related to the medical model, it shifts the disease in functioning that prepared the way for alcoholism to an earlier time in the individual's development. This model has recently enjoyed a resurgence of both interest and research findings. The third model is called the psychosocial model. It includes a variety of topics such as: the vulnerability of particular personality types and the influence of childhood activities; different attitudes and customs of alcohol use in different regions; the use of alcohol in different ethnic groups; and the way economic circumstances impact on alcohol usage (Bean and Zinberg, eds., 1981).

The idea of psychosocial causes for alcoholism also has a long and varied historiography. Even studies from the 1960s point out that:

If alcoholism is a psychosomatic condition . . . it may be studied as either a psychological or a physiological phenomenon, for these are two aspects of a single process running parallel to each other. Which aspect a scientist chooses to explore depends, then, upon his field of expertise, or upon which . . . he feels will lead most quickly to the discovery of a cure . . . (Jones, 1963, p. 158).

Some of the most important early work on the subject of alcoholism was carried out by E.M. Jellinek. Jellinek believed that the prospective addict discovers that they can obtain relief from their own problems and inner tensions through drinking. At first they seek this relief in a limited fashion, but over a long period of time (up to two years) they increase the frequency and amount of consumption  becoming less and less able to face up to the reality of the modern world. At this time, the prospective addict may be drinking daily, and is said to be at the "prealcoholic phase." Jellinek further believes that the onset of a number of symptoms marks the person's passage into the prodromal phase of alcoholism. One of these symptoms, for instance, is the alcoholic amne...

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