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Library Science Project: MARC Format Analysis

This MARC 21 record employs the 520 tag unlike the previous three MARC 21 records to demonstrate that the book is a collection of critical essays and not an autonomous work. In the 640 field, in which content subject matter is delineated, this record references Russian literature and history and criticism as compared to Tolstoy's novel and Geis' picture story of the novel which refer to the Napoleonic wars, fiction, campaigns, and Russia in the 650 tag.

A full guide to the serial รป referring to a British Broadcasting Corporation television production of an adaptation of the novel is found under Library of Congress Control Number 74168668. The MARC 21 record for this entry contains a statement in the 550 tag that the adaptation is based on the novel by Tolstoy. Editorial participation by Robert Lacey is references in the 700 tag as Bloom's name is referenced in this category on the MARC 21 record for his volume of criticism.

The search also revealed that the Library of Congress has in its collection a 3-disc set of War and Peace, an opera with libretto by Sergey Prokofiev (Library of Congress Control Number 92762449). Here, authorship and participation in the recording is given to Tolstoy as the originator of the piece and the various singers appearing in the opera (all in the 700 tag). In the 600 and 650 categories, the Napoleonic wars, campaigns, and Russia, along with Napoleon are referenced.

The Library of Congress holds several different versions of the opera in its collection (LC Control Numbers 2001335927 and 84245743). In these works' MARC 21 records, the 100 category refers to Prokofiev as the author. What is consistent across all of these MARC 21 Records in the 650/651 tag categories are references to the Napoleonic wars and their time frame, campaigns, Russia, and in a number of instances, drama and/or opera (the latter evident in the case of the sound recordings. In the 700 category, which list...

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