Clinical Anxiety in Elderly Persons
3. A person must exhibit subjective behavioral responses to the feelings of apprehension or anxiousness in order to establish the presence of anxiety.

4. A person must exhibit objective behavioral, physiologic, and cognitive responses to the feelings of apprehension or anxiousness in order to establish the presence of anxiety.

The identification of an illness requires (1) a differential diagnosis, (2) a treatment course, and (3) cure (Stravynski & O'Connor, 1995, p. 608). An illness must have signs (symptoms) distinguishing it from other illnesses. The symptomatology must fit into a unitary category (syndrome). The conditions required for a diagnosis of anxiety vary in relation to the specific anxiety disorder involved (American Psychiatric Association, 1994, pp. 393-444).

The manifestations of anxiety are many and varied (American Psychiatric Association, 1994, pp. 393-444; Famularo & Fenton, 1994, pp. 1032-1038; Katerndahl, 1991, pp. 391-396). Anxiety may be a contributing factor in the development of clinical depression (Weisz, Sweeney, Proffitt, & Carr, 1993, pp. 411-418). Anxiety also may be associated with the development of mood problems (Catanzaro, 1993, pp. 327-330). Anxiety may be one of the causal factors in the development of behavioral problems (Famularo & Fenton, 1994, pp. 1032-1038). A sense of panic is a component of many anxiety disorders (Am

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