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Aggressive Behavior By Domestic Animals

In such instances, the relationship theories or conclusions presented in this literature to companion animals is stated.

Animals have been companions to humans since prehistoric times, yet relatively little empirical research has been conducted on the sources of the behavior of these animals. One third to one half of all households in the English-speaking world have pets, and in most cases, these animals are highly valued. The identification of one's pet as a family member is quite prevalentý99 percent of dog or cat owners entering a university veterinary clinic answered affirmatively to a survey question about their pet's status as a family member.

The literature on animals as human companions can be roughly divided into studies on naturally occurring pet ownership and studies in which pets have been introduced as a form of intervention. Neither group of these studies, however, provide much information on causal factors of behavior in companion animals.

A newer group of studies, however, is addressing the issues associated with companion animal behavior. The science that will find its way most frequently into everyday veterinary practice in the future is the study of companion animal behavior. It has been estimated that between 35 and 50 percent of the companion animals that veterinarians euthanize are killed because of aggressive or destructive behavior. While the empirical study of companion animal be


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