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Maurice Sterne and Henry Moore

On the one end, there is Sterne's "Sitting Figure," which combines the "lessons of [classical] tradition with the contemporary artistic environment" (NGA Sculpture Galleries At the other end is Moore's "Seated Figure," which is much more abstract. While the rough form is still that of a female, the curves, lines, and voids were created to exploit the play of light on the figure, and were not meant to be a replication of true form ("Henry Moore"

Analysis: Form, Texture, Space and Material

Sterne chose his material from a block of marble lifted from the Tiber River near his Italian summer home (NGA Sculpture Galleries He kept the woman's figure within the original size and shape of the marble so that observer can clearly see the original size and shape of the block used. The form is totally introverted, with head down, leg up, and one of the arms clasping the opposite shoulder. Each line and contour causes the observer's eye to return to the figure's center (NGA Sculpture Galleries

Moore, however, has created a sculpture with a much more seemingly open pose. While the figure is armless, and much more physically vulnerable than Sterne's figure, she also gazes straight out at the world, something that Sterne's figure does not do. Additionally, he used bronze, which is the most pop


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