The Legalization of Abortion Issues
In looking back in history, it is interesting to note that even Catholics accepted abortion. "Pope Gregory XIV, who ruled at the end of the sixteenth century, extended the (abortion) period to 116 daysÓNor was acceptance limited to Catholics. Protestant denominations have traditionally held more or less the same opinion" (Currie 11). Of course, these opinions changed by the eighteenth century. "By the mid-Nineteenth century, abortion was typically regarded as both criminal and immoral" (Currie 12). That view remains among many who believe in the sanctity of life, and in the fact that life exists from the moment of conception.

There are many arguments about the issue, and that means that "sides" tend to be chosen and viewpoints magnified. Those who are pro-abortion will say that abortion is "impossible to eliminate. If abortion is made illegal, illegal clinics will spring up all over, many with unsanitary facilities, and poor treatment; women, we are told, will die" (Currie 50). Of course, what pro-abortionists are NOT saying is that, as a result of an abortion fetuses will die. Perhaps what the real argument has turned out to be is neither medical nor psychological, religious or moral, but political. "The abortion issue has put policymakers and citizens in myriad political and personal dilemmas because many people view abortion issue in moral or religious terms; others view it s a matter of personal liberty. Thus, to compro

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