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The Legalization of Abortion Issues

"The abortion issue has put policymakers and citizens in myriad political and personal dilemmas because many people view abortion issue in moral or religious terms; others view it s a matter of personal liberty. Thus, to compromise concerning abortion goes against many individuals' firmly held religious, moral, or ideological beliefs" (O'Connor 3). However as O'Connor (1996) points out, the national debate and the anger of the opponents did not really surface until after the Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision in 1973.

Even those who are against abortion, regardless of why, are somewhat dismayed by some of the vigorous activities, including clinic bombings and even the murder of several "abortion doctors". If these devout believers feel that abortion is murder, than to murder for their anti-murder beliefs is not only ludicrous, but also totally wrongheaded. As long as there are logical and competent advocates against abortion, then there are no one's rights being trampled and no hatred involved. But, the truth is that the anti-abortion issue has brought out some figures who seek publicity (and are getting it). Jerry Falwell and the development of the Moral Majority come to mind immediately. It was nothing less than a fund-raising effort. "Having founded the Moral Majority in June 1979, Falwell took to the airwaves to initiate a major fundraising effort. His own personal mailing list of some 250,000 supporters formed the initial base for this " (O'Connor 84). Incidentally, according to O'Connor (85) the Moral Majority's initial; fundraising campaign brought in more than one million dollars a week.

What all this fund-raising, and the attempt to turn evangelical Christians into a political force forgets about is the fundamental morality of abortion. It has been turned into a "cause", when what is really needed is some self-examination and a reliance on one's fundamental beliefs in the right to life. One can argue for eternity...

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