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Effects of Drunk Driving on Individuals

The individual may drive to a bar or party unescorted and then drink too much alcohol before thinking about how to get home ("Understanding the Causes of Drunk Driving"). At that point, they may be reluctant to ask for help and thus end up driving themselves ("Understanding the Causes of Drunk Driving"). Others have been drinking and driving for years, but since they have never had an accident, they do not feel unsafe ("Understanding the Causes of Drunk Driving"). Since it is difficult for the individual or others nearby to determine that in this particular case his blood alcohol level has gone too high, he may drive without realizing that alcohol has impaired his reflexes ("Understanding the Causes of Drunk Driving").

Finally, alcoholics are prone to driving drunk. They may drink all day long, intermittently or consistently, and may be so accustomed to driving drunk that they no longer recognize the danger. Since they may be able to conceal the level of their impairment or may not even feel impaired at all, they are more likely to drive in an intoxicated condition.

The effects of drunk driving can run the gamut from embarrassment to death. At the very least, it must be pointed out that driving under the influence of alcohol is legally a crime ("Drunk Driving Facts"). Being stopped for drunk driving can result not only in arrest but also in the loss of the individual's driver's license, which in turn can lead to the loss of a job(particularly if the job requires the ability to drive (Crawford). Moreover, the laws governing drunk driving have grown far more stringent thanks to the efforts of groups such as MADD; two-thirds of the states have passed laws permitting the arresting officer to take away the driver's license simply for refusing to take a breath test ("Penalties for Driving Drunk"). In addition, all of the states have lowered the legal blood alcohol limit and have passed "Zero Tolerance" laws that "...

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