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Driving & Accidents"Cell Phone Use"

As the cellular phone becomes more widely used, the concern for road safety increases. Consistent increases in the raising of this concern by the public, legislative, and media, led to the research and report generated by the NHTSA in 1997. Initially, safety effects of having a cellular phone in the vehicle were documented; drivers with cell phones ensure security of themselves and others since they are able to report hazards such as congestion, crashes, or reckless driving. A more recent focus for the NHTSA consisted of investigation into the possible hazards of cell phone use during motor vehicle operation, with an effort to provide knowledge to the public, wireless industry, and states. Specifically the 1997 report included information regarding the following: effects of cell phone use while driving on increased risk of crash, prevalence of this possibility, and options for enhanced safety during cellular phone use (NHTSA 4-6).

The cellular phone industry demonstrates emphasis on safety throughout the growth of the product. Manufacturers have efforted to educate users on how to use the cell phone safely. The industry has continually strived for improvement in the ease of cell phone use, with installed car phones, memory-dials, and voice activation features (NHTSA 7-8).

A 1998 report by Sundeen, Policy Associate, National Conference of State Legislatu


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