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History, Culture and Tradition in England

Also an important element of England's connection with its past is its royalty. While most other countries in the modern world have either divested themselves of monarchies, or relegated them to far inferior positions, England continues to deal with its royal family as a central aspect of the culture. It does not possess great political power, but it possesses symbolic power, and the power to both fascinate and appall the citizenry. The machinations of the royal family, the sex lives of its younger members, and the opinions and fashions of those individuals continue to create much furor in the country. In addition, the royal family still retains great wealth, and access to some of the largest and most luxurious castles and grounds in the country.

Yet, in thinking about contemporary British politics, the royal family is almost nonexistent. Williams and Ramsden (1990) devote considerable attention to the reign of Queen Victoria, but none to that of Queen Elizabeth. While England retains its connection to the older ways, it does not allow them to dominate or rule the modern ways.

This modern era seems to have stripped England of its character, or maybe some of the more romantic elements of its character. In actually looking at the history of England, it is very bound up with money, with the development of mercantilism, capitalism, trade, and imperialism. In its most recent incarnation, it has been characterized by Margaret Thatcher's capitalism, which seems to have been at least partially repudiated during the most recent election (Dellheim, 1995).

In some ways, England has been particularly outstanding for its religious and artistic contributions to world culture. Much of the country's struggle for identity has been rooted in deciding which religious traditions should dominate. Some of the county's most famous writers and philosophers, like John Milton, devoted a great deal of time and volumes of work discussing matters b...

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