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Memories of 1974

I think, though, that some of the recent Hollywood movies have had a lot to due with people's fascination for the occult. For instance, William Peter Blatty's book The Exorcist was turned into a movie that opened December 26th, and has already grossed over $10 million dollars and been seen by over 4 million people ("The Exorcism Frenzy," 60).

The Exorcist was just the type of movie most Americans seemed to want. Besides the occult, people wanted movies that were grand in scale, albeit "dark" like The Godfather, and The Parallax View. In both these movies, the results were obviously successful, yet also seemed to provide Americans with even more escape from the mundane ("Hollywood's Image Makers," 65).

Musically, 1974 saw an overwhelming resurgence of ragtime, particularly the music of Scott Joplin. In fact, since Joplin's music was used in the film The Sting, a popular movie with Robert Redford and an allstar cast, the music of ragtime has been selling well. The theme from that movie, Joplin's "The Entertainer," has been scored for almost every conceivable ensemble. As well, the interest in Joplin's music has engendered a greater interest and resurgence in other types of ethnic music, as well as more focus on black culture ("Glad Rags," 60).

However, one of the most visible events of 1974 was the Watergate affair and the August resignation of President Richard Nixon. The actual focus of the Watergate investigation had been to impeach a president, but the way the public felt about the issue seemed far greater. In fact, Americans seemed to view the dishonesty of a public figure as commonplace, but in this case despicable. Nixon's involvement with the Watergate affair, his coverup and manipulation in the investigation, and his unbridled dishonesty and attitude, caused many Americans to loose faith in the institution of the Presidency ("A Sense of Climax," 1418). Moreover, when Nixon's vicepresident, Gerald Ford, too...

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