Memories of 1974
00. However, since I belonged to the local Credit Union, I was able to finance the car for 8.9% interest, with payments at $175.69 per month (Denver Post, 9/14/74). Since Denver has little in the way of an adequate mass transit system, I will have to go by car, although I live only 11 miles away from the party. Since I will have to drive downtown, and it will probably take at least 45 minutes to get there, I should leave early standard practice in this city. I'm hoping that the company will provide some of that sweet "Boonesfarm" wine with the dinner, they have flavors in Apple, Strawberry, and Peach (Denver Post, various advertisements, 12/74).

I know that there will be a variety of people at the party, and I also know that there will be a lot of different conversations to join. For instance, I read last week that Americans are growing in their fascination with pets. In fact, Americans own over 100 million dogs and cats, and sixty percent of Americans have some kind of pet ("The Great American Animal Farm," 58). Since Americans are spending at least $2.5 billion dollars per year on pets, it seems as if there is still enough money left to lavish on animals.

There will also probably be a group that wants to talk about esp, parapsychology, and reincarnation. 1974 has been a year that has had numerous television and other media events surrounding the paranormal. In fact, traditional academic research is now trying to make some scientific sense out of the para

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