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Internet preparation for the Future

You want to know what's playing at the local theater? You can find out online, they say. Of course, you could pick up the daily paper and do the same thing, just by turning to the right page. Online, though, you have to log onto the right website, input a lot of information about where you live, what you want to see, how far you want to drive to see it, what time you would like to see it . . . the list seems endless. I had more time when I looked it up in the paper.

The computer itself is a time-saving device that takes more time to use than it can possibly save. You have to learn how to use it first, of course, and then you have to keep learning how to use it and every device, website, piece of software, and anything else attached to it, found through it, or installed or downloaded into it. Just consider what is advertised as a simple piece of software. Maybe you want to stop worrying about your finances and use a program that allows you to keep track of your money and write checks. That would save you a lot of time--you wouldn't have to balance your checkbook any more because our computer would do it for you. And it might, if you manage to read and understand the four-inch-thick book that comes with it. If you get stuck, you can go to the bookstore and find two or three feet more of books on the same software, and you may need to do just that if you want to do something the first book forgot to include.

The Internet is a separate time-saving time-waster. The name being used for this information system has been denigrated by many. The analogy with a superhighway derives from

Vice President Al Gore who started using the term when he was a senator. He now serves as the administration's point man on technology and so has spread the term more widely. Whether it is a superhighway or not, say experts, the key word in the phrase is "information," and the acquisition and transmission of information is thus the most import...

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