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Internet preparation for the Future

Today, we have a new Siren in the form of the Internet, the computer throughway which allows the user to go almost anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds to play, work, gather information, shop, or just look around to see who else is there. The Internet has been cited by some as a time-saver, but like the computer itself and like other machines we have developed to save us time, it actually just uses time up in a new and much-too-attractive way.

For one thing, the Internet promises a lot, and so we dive in with abandon in order to reap the benefits as soon as possible. We are told that the ability to make use of the Internet is part of our preparation for the future, a future many see as dominated by the proposed information superhighway, which involves a certain vision of how electronic communications will be developed and used in the future. Those proposing this idea say the vision is simple: an unprecedented nationwideand, eventually, worldwideelectronic communications network that connects everyone to everyone else and provides just about any sort of electronic communication imaginable. The purpose of all this connecting is to provide remote electronic banking, education, shopping, taxpaying, chatting, game playing, videoconferencing, movie ordering, medical diagnosing, and even cybersex to us all without our having to leave home.


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