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Since abortion uses another being as an instrument to reach anotherĂs objectives, it is clearly wrong from a moral perspective.

Abortion is also morally wrong because it does not respect the dignity of the individual being aborted. KantĂs moral position posited that to treat another as an instrument and not an end in and of him- or herself is to use the other and to show disrespect for that individualĂs dignity. As Kant maintained, it is a ˘dignity derived from the fact that he or she is capable of acting freely in accordance with the dictates of reason and morality÷ (Solomon et al. 1996, 212). Abortion, a practice in which one life is ended at the behest of another living being, can be understood to show disrespect for the dignity of the fetus and is therefore immoral and unethical.

Abortion is also immoral and unethical because it inflicts pain on another human being. Utilitarianism, founded by Jeremy Bentham, argues that the ˘essential principal of utility is to maximize pleasure and to minimize pa


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