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The Group Team Communications

Anthony Marian Residence, so in the future they both can work along efficiently and productively together. Basically the people who are in charged in that residence was strict and this one woman who is in charged is always talk loud when giving orders to the homeless women.

We took a quick picture of one of the team member who was wearing gloves and hairnet while he was serving dinner to the women. We got yelled by that woman in charged and asked us to not take anymore pictures inside the shelter. We apologized and we complied with her and the rules that she explained. Well, we simply just wanted to take some pictures so that we can show the other students on the class presentations.

On the other hand, most of these women who live in the St. Anthony shelter were friendly if you approached them at the right time. I had a chance to join my other team mate during their conversations. Most of the women that stayed in the shelter still have motivation to work and some of them have graduated from a respectable university across the country. These women wanted to work, but they needed something to start them off. I mean, at the end of our visit I felt pity for them, seeing them living in a homeless shelter, some of them left their family behind and the rest does not have any family to talk to.

During the last couple weeks before the project was due, we set up team meeting more frequently and we have the advantage to do that more often when we do not have class on that day. All five members exchanged information and ideas more effectively as a complete team. We started dividing tasks and assigning them to the individual team members. Basically we got much more productive as team during the last couple weeks of class which at the end, it enabled us to complete the project.

Since our team had to choose another organization in the middle of the semester, due to a time conflict between our team and the first organization. We had to sel...

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