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Group Team Meeting Critique

Now this last woman that I interviewed, her name was Yvonne. She was quite at first and did not spoke unless is necessary in the beginning. After I had explained to her about the questionnaire survey she began drawing on the survey paper that I have gave her to read. She was drawing a frog and some stones, and then she asked me if I knew what she was drawing. I immediately answered her back and told her that she drew a frog that leaps through the stones (stepping stones) and my answer to her was correct. She explained me, that in order for her to get out of her and get a steady job; they first need a motivation to do it. Basically, from the drawing of the frog; in order to reach from point A to point B, she needed those stepping stones. The stepping stones represented a need for shelter, money, motivation and fun. She also repeatedly said that she does not want to get kicked out from the St. Anthony shelter, because she was just got kicked out from her previous shelter due to some conflicts with her room mate.

Another incident was about the group meeting. I was difficult to get every member in the team to sit together; there is always a conflict in time. I mentioned to the group that we need to have better communications to each other. We can not just set up a meeting and only half of the team showed up. This slowed us down to finish the project in th


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