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Ironically, he was recommended for this by his platoon leader, a Jewish officer (Bullock, 1962, p. 87).

After the war, Hitler remained in the German Army, where he was employed as a VMan; his job was to visit political organizations and assess them. He also worked in the education department of the army to lecture soldiers on the dangers of communism, socialism and pacifism. Senior officers were impressed with Hitler's skills as a speaker, and he discovered his greatest talent: public oratory. In September 1919, he visited a meeting of the German Workers' Party, an extreme, antiSemitic, anti communist, right-wing nationalist party lead by Karl Drexler, with 40 members. Hitler informed the army it posed no threat to Germany. Hitler later joined the party and became the propaganda officer (Bullock, 1962, p. 112).

Hitler joined the party in 1920, and helped rename it the National Socialist German Worker's Party, or N.S.D.A.P. in German; the familiar contraction of this was "Nazi." Former soldiers who had been in the Free Corps joined the Nazi Party and their "skills" were used to break up meetings of let-wing parties, particularly the Communists. The use of violence became a way of life for the Nazis. During the next two years he became a fixture in radical politics in Bavaria, during the period of hyperinflation in Germany f


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