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Traditional Roles of Kuwaiti Females and Level of Depression

This point has been made by Davison and Neale (1982) who state that locus of control interacts with an individual's desired outcomes (e.g. such as receiving social reinforcement from one's family) such that:

People become depressed when they believe either that desired outcomes are unattainable, or that negative outcomes are unavoidable. (p.243)

In other words, the more people are inclined to attribute their life circumstances or results of their actions to the operation of external agents (making it impossible for them to avoid negative consequences and/or attain desired outcomes through personal attributes), the greater the likelihood of depression.

Given the following, an explanative model can be developed regarding depression in Kuwaiti women. Specifically, it can be said that if Kuwaiti women are placed in a position where they believe they are powerless (their parents and/or husband having power, authority and dominion over them) and if they are at-odds with this external control because they ascribe to liberal Western notions of the female role rather than to more traditional Middle Eastern notions, they will experience stress which, ultimately, can lead them to depressive illness as well as psychosomatic complaints.

The research problem to be examined in the proposed study will be a test of hypotheses derived from the formulated model of depression in Kuwaiti females. This test will either add support to the model as delineated or, if support is not found, will point to areas of the explanative model that need modification. The development and test of the model are significant because the existing research on depression in Kuwaiti women consists of empirical studies but are absent of any cohesive theoretical model that ties the findings of these studies together by postulating a theoretical accounting of the etiology of depression in Kuwaiti women.

Although the developed model is preliminary in nature, it serves...

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