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The Art of Sculpture

In each case, he captures the distinct character of the woman depicted: "The first two women are both petite and share a green hue that evokes their adolescence and their growth; yet, their expressions and their poses indicate their differing objectives. The same can be said of the women forming the tripartite columns" (Mladenovic). It is also notable that "their distinct divisions enhance the varying personalities of each woman into a unique whole. Undoubtedly, the figures with the most personality are Stephanie and Spy (her horse)" (Mladenovic). The two figures are situated so that "they stand ready with such expectancy that both seem to vanish into the future. And why not? Despite his flaring nostrils and his perked ears, Spy's invisible mane and tail make him an undefined ideal guardian (Mladenovic).

The Los Angeles Music Center has been a major cultural center for the city for some 30 years. It consists of three major theaters, each with its own specific purpose. These are the Ahmanson Theater, the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion, and the Mark Taper Forum. The Pavillion is a concert hall offering concerts by the Los Angeles Philharmonic and operas by the Los Angeles Opera as well as serving as a locale for touring orchestras and operatic companies over the years. The Los Angeles Opera has been offering works in the Pavillion for about a decade. The Mark Taper forum is currently the venue for a production company presenting original dramatic works and some touring productions, while the Ahmanson offers larger-scale works and musicals to the Los Angeles audience.

Between the Mark Taper Forum and the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion is a large open square which over the years has become the home for public art and public performances. Originally, this was truly an open space, with nothing between the two buildings but sidewalk. In an effort to rejuvenate the area, the Los Angeles Music Center fountain was commissioned for th...

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