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Bill Gates- One of the Richest Man in the World

Everyone in America knows about Harvard, and when someone goes to school there, they get much higher status. But he also worked hard at Microsoft to make it a successful company. He made it so that Microsoft software was given to people free when they bought a computer. Most people had Microsoft software because of that, so Bill Gates had lots of power.

Bill Gates had an advantage over other people that might want to start a software company because he is white and does not have an ethnic background that causes prejudice. There is prejudice against black people in America and also people of different ethnic backgrounds like Hispanic or Oriental. Bill Gates is a typical American who does not have anything in his social position that can hold him back from being successful and making a lot of money in America.

There have been many events that have affected Bill Gates and his social status. Bill Gates "gives away lots and lots of money," and this has made his social status better (Stevenson). He has the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that gave away $29 billion to charity (Stevenson). Since he is worth $58 billion, this means that he gave away about half of his money. However, there have been other things that made his social status worse. One of these is the fact that many people do not like Microsoft software. Like one writer says, "when you have to use a frustrating piece of software for at least eight hours a day, it does have an impact on your quality of your work life" (Stevenson). Some Americans do not like Bill Gates because they do not like his software and some people are just jealous of anyone who is rich. Events such as changes in the economy have not hurt Microsoft much. Instead, it is Microsoft that has a good effect on the economy. One article talks about when the Vista is coming out and says that "In New York, each dollar of Windows Vista-related revenue earned


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