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Lies My Teacher Told Me

By illustrating how indigenous people have been exploited in American history, how achievements like Columbus embody more than meets the eye from the typical American history textbook, and how we have often been as violent as peaceful as a nation, we see the distortions in viewpoint that often arise from cultural orientation. As Loewen (1995, p. 97) maintains, ˘U.S. history is no more violent or oppressive than the histories of England, Russia, Indonesia, or Burundi¨but neither is it exceptionally less violent.÷

We see that when we are children if we are only taught one interpretation or perspective on history, we often have distorted views of other cultures, forms of government, and economies. As Loewen (1995, p. 262) notes, when all interpretations are accounted for, ˘Economically, we are the bane, not the hope, of the world.÷ Such one-sided or culturally-biased perceptions of history often tend to make us ethnocentric, where we feel only our culture or our cultureĂs values are worthwhile. This of


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