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Protection of the Rights of Children with Learning Disabilities

An integral part of the implementation of the IDEA, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is created by educators, school administrators and parents, which documents the special accommodations made by the schools to customize the education for the students (Cummings, 2000). In the case of children with diabetes, a detailed Health Care Plan should also be incorporated into the IEP to ensure that the children's health needs are met in the school setting (Cummings, 2000; Kaufman, 2002). The diabetes health care plan should address the following concerns:

Monitoring of blood glucose levels: The health plan should include the specific scheduled times and frequency for monitoring blood glucose levels. Furthermore, it should also indicate when blood glucose levels should be measured in other circumstances. Students' concern with their privacy should also be addressed. While some students do not experience any social discomfort with testing their glucose levels, others may prefer to do it in private. In these situations, the wishes of the student should be respected.

Administration of insulin: Similar concerns highlighted above should also apply to the administration of insulin. Moreover, the health care plan should also incorporate information about the means with which insulin is administered to the student. While some students may use syringes, others may require an insulin injector or an insulin pump. The effects and the duration of the different types of insulin on the student should also be documented.

Food intake during school hours: Because students with diabetes will need to have snacks throughout the day to manage their blood glucose levels, specific information about the types and amounts of foods for snacks and meals need to be stated explicitly in the document.

Identification of symptoms of hyper- and hypoglycemia and provision of treatment: Information about the symptoms of hyper- and hypoglycemia, as well ...

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