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The American Revolution, as described by Sellers, May, and McMillen

Just as democracy was not born as a fully mature institution in the United States, it has not emerged in Iraq since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein without difficulties.

Of course, the critical difference between the American Revolution and the democratization taking place in Iraq is that the colonists in America rose up against the government that controlled them and the people of Iraq did not rise up against Saddam Hussein (Huang, 28). Iraq was moved along the path to democratization because the United States and a handful of its allies invaded Iraq with the express purpose of removing Saddam Hussein and the Ba'ath Party from power. It is likely that this invasion also anticipated democratization and nation-building as a necessary outcome of removing Hussein from power.

Harrison (9) noted that the United States and anti-Saddam Iraqis faced a challenging situation due to the "longstanding hostility between the majority Shi'ite and the minority Sunni and between those to two sects and the Iraqi Kurds." The ethnic and sectarian diversity in Iraq made it and still makes it extremely difficult for democratization to go forward. The largely Anglo colonials who rebelled against the British crown in 1775 were in no way as diverse and did not have to cope with the kinds of infighting and struggle for power that have arisen in Iraq since the overthrow of the Hussein regime.

Weede (219) questions whether or not democratization can succeed in Iraq and suggests that the democratic peace proposition does not promise that poor, emerging, and illiberal democracies that find themselves surrounded by autocratic countries are inherently more peaceful than autocracies. While there may well have been a general consensus among the leading figures in the American Revolution on Enlightenment ideology, no such consensus can be identified in Iraq today (Sellers, et al, 37). Shi'ites and Sunnis there are still hostile to one another and n...

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