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Different Therapeutic Approaches

Once I was able to gain his trust in the relationship through play therapy, I utilized the other two approaches to help him move from a problem-oriented to a solution-focused perspective. By taking an active part in devising solutions to his own problems, Kevin then felt empowered to continue on this new journey of creating alternative positive stories about him. So, to me, play therapy was an important catalyst for the therapeutic relationship. However, the solution-focused and narrative therapeutic approaches were needed to help Kevin shift from the symbolic realm of play to his daily reality.

Q: How do you think your therapy sessions have helped Kevin and Haydee?

A: In my opinion, I feel that my therapy sessions helped Kevin and Haydee in a variety of ways. Before coming to therapy, Kevin was governed by his feelings of anger and frustration. Apart from video games, he did not think that he was capable of doing well at school. As a result of the


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