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Different Therapeutic Approaches

Q: How do you think your therapy sessions have helped Kevin and Haydee?

A: In my opinion, I feel that my therapy sessions helped Kevin and Haydee in a variety of ways. Before coming to therapy, Kevin was governed by his feelings of anger and frustration. Apart from video games, he did not think that he was capable of doing well at school. As a result of the therapy, I was able to help him adopt a new perspective of his ability to excel in his schoolwork, take control of his anger and interact successfully with his peers and siblings. In the case of Haydee, I believe that I was successful in changing her viewpoint of Kevin. Instead of only focusing on his problems, she was able to see him as an intelligent individual who can transfer his video game playing ability to his schoolwork. Furthermore, she realized that there were programs such as the summer school programs that could help Kevin improve his academic performance.

Q: What have you learned from your therapy sessions with Kevin? If given the opportunity, what would you have done differently in your interaction with Kevin?

A: One of the most important things I learned through my therapy sessions with Kevin is the need to adapt my approaches to the situation. During the session, I was not fully prepared to deal with Kevin's complete lack of interest in the therapy sessions. Since I knew that I would be working with a child, I should have been prepared to introduce play therapy early in the session in order to evoke his interest and connect with him. As I found out too late, even though I tried to apply the solution-focused and narrative therapeutic approaches appropriately, I was not effective in eliciting any reactions from Kevin at the beginning of the therapy. If I were to redo things, I would have used the smiley face scale and card game early in the therapy.

Another thing I had learned from my interaction with


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