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Laser Refractive Repair- LASIK

During the procedure the surgeon must make a cut in the flap of corneal tissue using a scalpel. After the cut is made the excimer laser is used to rid the area of excess tissue. No sutures are needed when the procedure is over, because the natural suction capacity of the eye cements the flap back into place. LASIK surgery offers great hope to restore accurate vision in millions of individuals suffering from refractive errors. However, because of the risks it is not something that should be chosen on a whim. As Ian Williams said about his decision to have LASIK, 'You wouldn't leave a car for someone to fix unless you thought the guy you left it with knew what he was doing. And I think your eyes are certainly more important than your car,' (Bidwell 1999, 2).

Health professionals argue that anyone seeking to undergo the LASIK procedure should schedule a pre-screening exam costing around $250.00 (Braham 2002). There are many reasons for a pre-screening exam. LASIK surgery is not for everyone and if performed on the wrong individuals it may cause greater harm than good, possibly causing blindness in some cases. One of the biggest factors or criteria for ruling the procedure in or out is the thickness of the cornea. The FDA recommends that the cornea by at least 410 microns thick after LASIK, as patients with thin corneas can suffer vision loss (Braham 2002). Ideal candidates should also be over 21 years of age as the eyes are still growing until that point. Ideal candidates for LASIK surgery must also have healthy eyes that are free of retinal problems, corneal scares, and any eye disease, (Lewis 1998, 7). While these and other considerations must be determined during a pre-screening exam to decide if a patient will benefit from LASIK surgery, the benefits are enormous for those who meet the criteria. As Jeri Goldstein, a former contact wearer who suffered blurred vision, exclaimed after her successful LASIK procedure, 'A...

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