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Disney Theme Parks

The Disney theme parks considered are Disneyland (United States), Disney World (United States), Euro Disneyland (France), and Tokyo Disneyland (Japan). Bases of comparison are [1] marketing, [2] politics, [3] demographics, [4] transportation, [5] services and price, [6] tours, and [7] convenience.

The marketing practices followed by Disneyland,, Walt Disney World, and Euro Disneyland are identical. The underlying reason for this uniformity of marketing practices is that the Walt Disney Company is the management company for all three of the them parks. Marketing practices at Tokyo Disneyland are somewhat different from those of the other three Disney theme parks in that marketing for Tokyo Disneyland accommodates Japanese preferences. Tokyo Disneyland can make such marketing modifications where Euro Disneyland cannot because, as a licensed operation, Tokyo Disneyland provides its own management. Euro Disneyland, by contrast, is managed by the Walt Disney Company under contract to Euro Disney SCA, the joint-venture owner of Euro Disneyland.

Local political conditions are applicable to the operation of Disney theme parks in different countries primarily within the contexts of labor law and liability in the event of bankruptcy. As indicated at an earlier point in this research, the Walt Disney Company cannot escape financial liability for the failure of Euro Disney SCA through bankruptcy. French law differs from United States law in this context.

The second political consideration is labor law. Labor law in other countries must be considered when expanding outside one's own country. Disney made a major blunder at Euro Disneyland when the company attempted to enforce its personal appearance code on French employees (Compa 165-191). The French employees claimed that the company code violated their rights. Additionally, the same management approach has resulted in a great number of other labor disputes at Euro Disneyland. S...

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