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The Role of United Nations to Post-Cold War World

. . nearly destroyed the UN" (Morphet, 1994, p. 200).

In Somalia, confusion as to the UN's mission, humanitarian aid v. nation building, led to mission creep and the overall UN and American efforts were at times poorly coordinated. In Bosnia, the European nations tended to pass the buck to the UN which took on tasks for which it was ill-suited. Morphet says that "peacekeeping is dependent on the political will of the parties involved," which was lacking for several years in former Yugoslavia. Urquhart says that "the UN is again suffering from the inability to enforce its decisions" (1994, p. 82). According to Wilenski, "peace-keeping operations are a craft industry ill-adapted to massive new demands" (1994, p. 440). He says that there is a need for a better system of information gathering, analysis and policy development, more contingency planning and preventative diplomacy in crisis areas and arrangements such as Secretary-General Boutros-Ghali proposed in 1993 for making available a standing emergency UN military force. The Bosnian operation revealed weaknesses in logistics, coordination, supply, control and decision-making.

Ever since the Congo operations, the UN has suffered from financial difficulties resulting from the increased cost of peacekeeping and other operations and the unwillingness of some member states to meet their obligations to pay for mandatory and specially assessed contributions. The Soviets began paying their dues in the 1980s, but the United States among others is still in arrears. In 1992, the UN owed $800 million to troop-contributing countries.

Composition of the Security Council. The Security Council functions fairly effectively despite the veto of the Permanent Five. Its composition reflects 1945 not 1996 realities. Demands for the inclusion of other permanent members such as Germany and Japan and other non-permanent members remain unresolved. Boutros-Ghali has warned that the Security Council for...

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