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Relationship of Information Technology to the Management Process

BUSINESS MANAGER: But we just spent $50,000 on new equipment.

INFORMATION MANAGER: That was for sequencing upgrades to modify cross platform generation.

BUSINESS MANAGER: I don't care about that. Just get me the sales figures.

The skilled observer will note that in the above dialogue, the participants might equally have been speaking Urdu and French, with neither understanding the other's language. However, even if these two managers were speaking the same language, it is apparent that they are not sharing the same understanding of the issues. This paper will attempt to give focus to some of the challenges facing business managers (BMS) face when communicating and coordinating with Information Technology Managers (ITMS).

Is the ITMS a new constituency (stakeholder if you will) in the management process required by BMS? We first encounter the concept of constituencies in the academic literature as far back as 1958 in the works of Gross, Mason, & McEachern. The implication is that a manager faces multiple challenges generated by disparate interest groups such as customers, employees, other managers, stockholders and other financial stakeholders, and the local and global community (Kahn, Wolfe, Quinn, Snoek, & Rosenthal, 1964; Schell & Marmer-Solomon, 1997).

Therefore, the manager must be able to react to conflicting or incompatible role requirements and to keep a focused and flexible vision on long-term strategy. Maintaining this focus requires an ability to effectively communicate with the ITMS.

As Barnatt points out, uncertainty is the only certainty in business today. "The desire for ever-increasing flexibility in business operations remains as prominent as it did in the early- to mid-1980s. . .[leading to] an extremely loose web of individuals, capital and technologies which may operate in amalgamation as the ultimate flexible organizational form" (Barnatt, 1997).

When Perey (1996) set about to find out ...

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