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Hotels in Barcelona, Spain

Primary education (ages sixto14) is free and compulsory. Attendance at secondary school is optional. Those students opting not to attend secondary school, however, are required to attend vocational school until age 16.

The country now functions as a constitutional monarchy, with the real political power in the Spain lying with the country's elected parliament. Currently, Spain has an elected socialist government, which is in its third term of office. Although socialist in orientation, the current government in Spain is pragmatic, and the country's economy is operated largely along freemarket principles.

Within a classification structure of capitalism, market socialism, and planned socialism, the Spanish economy falls within the realm of capitalism, in spite of the fact that the country has a socialist government in its third term of office. While not all of the factors of production in Spain are in private hands, the Spanish government has in progress a massive privatization program, which is intended to return all of the country's industry to private sector control. Decisionmaking

is decentralized, and is becoming progressively more so each year. Material incentives are employed to promote economic development and property rights are preserved in the Spanish economy. Spain's production possibilities are increasing, as a result of the current government's efforts to attract foreign capital to the country. As a consequence, the country's economic efficiency is trending upward. Spain performs relatively well in the context of income distribution. The structure of income distribution is Spain compares well with that in the United States. Spain continues to experience a problem with inflation, but the conditions are improving dramatically. The critical unemployment problem is also beginning to improve.

Spain's development objectives are tied to the country's recent entry into the European Economic Commun...

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