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Hotel Industry in Barcelona

An improvement in occupancy rates is the key to the survival of many of the city's hotels in the post Olympic Games period.

An examination of Spanish demographic, economic, and political data relevant to the problem investigated in presented in Chapter 2. Information relevant to tourism and the hotel industry is presented in Chapter 3. The findings of the investigation into the specific problems faced by the hotel industry in Barcelona are presented in Chapter 4, and the conclusions drawn from these findings are presented in Chapter 5.


Spanish demographic, economic, and political data that are relevant to the problem investigated in this study are presented in this chapter. Demographic and political data are presented together, while economic data are presented separately.

Spain occupies approximately fivesixths (84.7 Percent) of the Iberian Peninsula in Southwestern Europe. Most of the remainder of the peninsula is occupied by Portugal, with a minuscule 6.5 square kilometers being occupied by Gibraltar. Spain is bounded on the north by the Bay of Biscay and the Pyrenees Mountains. The Pyrenees, for the most part, constitute the boundary between Spain and France, with a tiny interruption for Andorra, which lies between the two countries, and


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