Human Reource Management and organizational Behavior
Some of the recent developments in the field,

however, appear to be likely to influence the management of human resources in organizations of the future. Important in this context are (1) the management of intercultural relations, (2) the management of substance abuse problems, and (3) the refinement of the exit interview process to provide valuable information to the organization.

Intercultural relations in the organization of the future will assume greater importance for two reasons (Herr and Spiro, 1990, pp. 8081. First, the work force in the United States is becoming more diverse in a racial and ethnic context, and second, American organizations are intensifying operations in other countries.

The management of intercultural relations is, to a great extent, the development of effective intercultural communication within the organization (Blai, 1989, pp. 7073). Communication within an organization or between an organization and its external environment is not simply a matter of people and groups learning to speak to one another or to convey ideas to one another. On a more important level, such communication is the building of trust between the communicating parties. It is only when such trust is established that meaningful progress may occur.

In an intercultural environment, the greatest barriers to the development of trust and, therefore, the development o

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