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Human Reource Management and organizational Behavior

Drug abuse testing in the workplace in the United States is extensive, with over half of the country's major corporations conducting formal drug abuse testing programs (Bible, 1989, pp. 675691). While accidents and the potential for accidents in the transportation industry have led to judicial support for mandatory drug testing in that industry, the courts have been more supportive of Fourth Amendment challenges to the practice in other industries (Bible, 1989, pp. 675691).

Personnel turnover is one of the most costly problems which afflict organizations (Mercer, 1988, pp. 3642). The costs of personnel are not limited to those incurred directly in relation to those employees leaving the organization, such as the loss of productive workers, lost training costs, the necessity to train replacements, and so forth. Personnel turnover also exacts organizational costs through the effects it has on those employees who remain with the organization (Stewart, 1990, pp. 5859). It is incumbent upon an organization's human resource management, therefore, to not only develop strategies to combat personnel turnover, but to also develop procedures which will permit management to learn how to combat turnover from the very employees which leave the organization (Kegel and Peters, 1988, pp. 124128).

Exit interviews are widely used by American organizations. More often than not, however, these interviews are structured with the intent of either precluding litigation against the organization by departing employees (Like, 1990, pp. 6869), or assisting the departing employee in job transition process (Eber, 1990, pp. 2122). Many managements are beginning to find, however, that an effectively structured exit interview can provide an organization with valuable information which transcends potential litigation, and matters of personal assistance for departing employees (Colby, 1990, pp. 289297). Among the important items of information which ma...

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