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The Pros and Cons of Abortion

Another argument that opponents of abortion rely upon is that there is no constitutional right to privacy under strict interpretation of the constitution. Since this right to privacy has been utilized by the courts, opponents of abortion contend that the initial ruling in Roe v. Wade was inappropriate, based on precedents that widened the scope of individual rights beyond the intent of the Constitution's framers (Dworkin, 1993).

While there are other arguments that fuel this oppositional position, these are the main ones. Kristin Luker (1984) contended that the con position in the abortion debate included a number of elements that were more directly related to the role of women in society and women's rights, with the Catholic Church and fundamentalist Protestant groups forming the backbone of opposition in both instances.

Taking each of these arguments, the fundamental stance of pro-life groups and individuals is that government funding of abortions is clearly wrong because: (1) abortion is murder; (2) abortion devalues human life, (3) abortion is not a constitutional right; and (4) abortion destroys family life. In its most basic form, opponents of government funding of abortions claim that they cannot support the government using their tax dollars to support an action they believe is murder, and akin to Hitler's genocide. While this is a strong assertion, it is common. However, as Dworkin (1993) noted, the pro-life movement does frequently make exceptions for killing in terms of war and the death penalty.

In this paper, the intent is to support the pro-choice position, which has found considerable support among members of the general population and in the courts. The fundamental human rights protected under the constitution. On the other hand, the mother is clearly a person, with both interests and rights which are protected under the constitution. Among these rights, which the courts have supported, is a certain right t...

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