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Elements of Market Research

There are a number of reasons for this why management would go against the advice of the marketing department. One is a general distrust for the methodology used by marketing to gather data and make recommendations. Other reasons may involve personal animosity between a company's marketing manager and the rest of the senior management team (Graham, 2004, 16).

Graham's article provides an example of marketing research and marketing strategy by focuses on a consumer product called Dryel. Proctor and Gamble manufactured and distributed Dryel. Dryel was a home clothing care kit. It sold in supermarkets and retailed at around $9.95. This product was supposed to clean garments that were labeled dry clean only, but without the cost and inconvenience of having to deliver ones dry cleaning to the cleaner one day and pick them up at a later date.

The trouble is that the Dryel product did not work. Instead of clean clothes, consumers found they had clothes that remained dirty but smelled good. Researchers estimate that Proctor and Gamble spent $400 million to develop and rollout the Dryel product, and millions more on advertising to try to encourage consumers to try this product. According to Graham, once the promotional budget was gone, so were the customers. One year after its introduction, PG made the decision to stop production and promotion of Dryel.

Graham suggests that at PG the recommendation of the company's marketers were ig


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