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What are these Imformal Networks?

5). In this context, an entity may not be separated from its external environment. The entity's internal environment is viewed within a holistic perspective as providing the regulators necessary to permit the entity to cope with both internal and external disturbances through interdependent actions. Within an organizational system, there are several interrelated and interdependent subsystems, or networks. These interdependent and generally informal networks are the focus of the Krackhardt and Hanson (1993, pp. 104111) concept.

Both David Krackhardt and Jeffrey Hanson are qualified to write on this topic. Krackhardt is an associate professor of organizations and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University, while Hanson is an experienced management consultant. The major strength of the critiqued article lies in the clear description of the concepts and problems involved, while the weakness of the article is the author's reliance on a single organization for purposes of illustration.

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