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The "emotionally disturbed" Child Home Treatment

Responses to these survey questions regarding the need

for increased restraint over holiday periods will then be correlated with measures of the frequency of physical restraint taken both before, during, and after the holiday period.

This study is significant in that it will contribute to the literature on the need for negative reinforcement techniques in child-care centers by providing an additional look at an established pattern of need. However, the study also has practical significance in that it can be used by Center administrators and staff to gain greater insight into why there is this increase in the need for physical restraint over the holidays. This increased insight, in turn, should help Center administration and staff to reduce the incidence of this need.

It is expected that if any of the factors assessed in the survey (e.g. factors such as the degree of "sadness" being experienced by staff and/or children) are contributive to the increased incidence of physical restraint over the holidays, then there will be significant correlations between these factors (e.g. degree of experienced sadness by staff/children) and frequency of physical restraint (frequency measures being taken during a five day period before the holidays and during the period of the holidays themselves). If this expectation is applied to the provided example, then it would be observed that as degree of sadness of either staff and/or children increases, so to would the frequency of the use of physical restraint.

In addition to expecting correlations between frequency of punishment (physical restraint) and contributive factors assessed on the survey instruments, it is also, of course, expected that frequency of punishment will in fact show the characteristic increase over the holiday period. This increase will be assessed through comparative analyses of the degree of punishment (physical restraint) taken both before and after the holidays with mea...

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