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How To Conduct Preliminary Research

' Explanations, illustrations, and examples further support the claim of the topic sentence, which adds support to the overall thesis. An explanation provides 'elaboration' and 'clarification' to the topic sentence and/or thesis (Gamer et al.. 2004, p. 4). An explanation in this case might be, 'Tom's 74 hits are not only the highest on the team, but he has 35 more hits than the next best hitter on the team.' An example helps prove why a topic sentence and/or thesis is valid. For instance, one example for this thesis might be: 'I remember Tom would always be at games practicing an hour earlier than anyone else, and after the game he would stay around for another hour or two honing his skills.' An illustration helps develop and refine the topic sentence and/or thesis. One for this thesis might be: 'Once when everyone was demoralized and the team was down 8-3, Tom's refusal to quit and his three hits rallied the team to a 10-9 victory in extra innings.' All of these tools help clarify, refine, lend support, and prove the thesis statement that Tom is the best player on the team.

Gamer, M., Lynch, J. and Barsanti, M. Essay structure. Viewed on Sep 20, 2004: StructuringEssay.htm, 1-6.

Organizing one's thoughts and ideas is critical to creating a sound academic paper. From helping one put one's ideas and examples into a persuasive and logical order to helping one remember to utilize various pieces of research that might be overlooked, organization remains a critical writing skill. Organizing material is a twofold process that involves both 'distinguishing between general and specific ideas' and seeing 'relations between ideas' (p. 24). There are a number of different organizing schemes, each of them dependent on the topic, purpose, and audience of the wri


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