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Writing Questions

Conducting preliminary research. pp. 17-20. Two

The thesis statement is a one or two sentence ˘claim that requires support to be convincing÷ (Gamer et al., 2004, p. 1). Such a claim is supported by explanations, illustrations, and examples that provide evidence of the validity of the thesis statementĂs claim. Typically the final part of the introductory paragraph, the thesis is extended and proven in subsequent paragraphs by using another claim that is like a ˘miniature÷ thesis statement, the topic sentence. For example, my thesis might be ˘Tom is the best player on the baseball team÷. If so, my first topic sentence, which comes as the first sentence in each subsequent paragraph after the introduction, might be: ˘Tom gets more hits than any other player.÷ Explanations, illustrations, and examples further support the claim of the topic sentence, which adds support to the overall thesis. An explanation provides ˘elaboration÷ and ˘clarification÷ to the topic sentence and/or thesis (Gamer et al.. 2004, p. 4). An explanation in this case


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