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"Jumping Tracks"

In other cases, instructors and counselors simply place these students in low-ability classrooms without much consideration (Harklau, "Jumping Tracks," 1994, p. 355).

After reading this excerpt, I felt frustrated with the rigidity of the school system that limits the options that are available to immigrant students who do not fit into the school options. Teacher and counselors who make the decisions about the placement seem to face a choice between nightmares since none of the options are appropriate for the students. I also experienced a sense of concern for these immigrant students because they are denied a genuine opportunity to succeed in the school environment. Even though schools are supposed to prepare students for their future, these compromises do not seem to match the supposed objectives of education.

In my opinion, this excerpt provided a classic example of the many inadequacies and inflexibility of the school system. Instead of catering to the students' needs and interests, schools expect students to conform to the uniform standards of the school curriculum and standards of behavior. As pointed out by Oakes and Lipton (1999), the school system has been governed by archaic and entrenched policies that are meant to create an efficient system for "mass-produc[ing] learning" for decades (p. 283).

Yet, in recent years, educators have learned that all people have unique learning styles and strengths. Therefore, teachers will only be able to develop the potential of their students by acknowledging their differences. Instead of undermining minority students for their difference from the white, middle class peers, educators should celebrate diversity and difference in s


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