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Japanese Criminal Justice

Japan overlooks mild but real ethnic differences within the population to promote the idea of a mystic tribal bond that ties all Japanese together and separates them from everyone else.

Student violence is rare in Japanese high schools. In Japan compulsory education ends at the completion of junior high school, when Japanese students are offered a choice between attending high school or not attending high school. Dealing as they do exclusively with voluntary students, Japanese high school teachers are more firmly in control of their high schools, without the help of security guards or of metal detectors, than is true in the United States. Japanese high school teachers are not afraid to admonish students who start to misbehave because the overwhelming majority of students care about their teachers' favorable attitudes (Toby 53).

Because the entire high school student body consists of young people who want to attend, Japanese teachers are able to require of these voluntary students greater studiousness than it is possible to require of involuntary students. Japanese teachers assign a lot of homework. Japanese high school teachers, however, hardly ever are assaulted by their students. On the contrary, high school students pay attention to their teachers, learn much more than American high school students, and graduate from high school in greater proportions (93 percent) than American students. Some foreign observers assume that this is due to the high value Japanese place on education, but this cannot be the entire explanation. If it were, Japanese junior high schools would be as tranquil as the senior high schools, but they are not. Almost all of the school violence in Japan is at the junior high school level (Toby 53).

Discipline problems afflict Japanese junior high schools because attendance is compulsory, just as it is in the United States. The discipline problems of Japanese junior high schools are not as serious as...

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