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Central American Immigrants

Rogler, Cortes and Malgady further note that there are few studies which have given individualized attention to the specific cultures that comprise diverse Hispanic groups. However, they state that what studies do exist indicate that it is probably inappropriate to lump all Hispanic groups together. This means that the extent to which existing findings on acculturation stress, depression, and the contribution to these variables made by background and demographic factors generalize to any particular Hispanic group is not known.

The undertaken research is significant for three primary reasons. First, by examining acculturation stress and depression in terms of their specific effects on discrete hispanic groupings, the study contributes to an area of the existing literature that has not been under-researched. In other words, the study assists in an effort to correct for studies where hispanic samples were lumped together as one regardless of the cultural differences associated with their different countries of origin.

Second, the conducted research has significance because its findings will help behavioral sciences to better understand the psychoemotional needs of a group that is in desperate circumstances, namely Central American immigrant women. This gives the research practical significance in addition to the theoretical significance associated with contributing to the existing body of knowledge.

The third reason that it is important to conduct this study is that examination of the factors that contribute to the mental health status of Central American women will assist clinicians and relevant social services people to better identify those women who need assistance. The importance involved in identifying these women cannot be overstated because the existing research indicates that Central American immigrant groups are not being provided with those mental health and social services they need. Barriers to immigrants receivin...

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