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Nightingale's Model of Nursing

The role of the nurse in this setting, and within Nightingale's metaparadigm, consisted of the following processes and actions:

. Maintenance of pain reduction through administration of medications.

. Assisting patient and significant others in coping.

. Working with patient to reduce tensions related to unfinished business.

. Serving as liaison between the patient and others.

. Making sure the patient's rights and wishes are respected.

. Creating an environment in which the patient can accept death with dignity and privacy.

. Helping the patient with access to religious or other non-medical services.

. Carrying out all aspects of patient care with professionalism, compassion, and skill.

The nursing practices and processes above relate to my own personal philosophy of nursing practice and advancing standards of patient care. This is primarily because they are within the boundaries of the nursing practices proposed by Nightingale's metaparadigm whose values I embrace and uphold. This includes a combination of the scientific components of nursing care delivery with the elements of "care" itself. These practices also reinforce a value I believe to be extremely important for quality care, positioning the patient within a holistic context instead of viewing the individuals as a collection of symptoms or conditions to be treated.

Despite medicine, nursing, science, and society advancing significantly in the hundred and fifty years since Nightingale practiced the profession and developed her metaparadigm and model of nursing; this view of nursing practice is as timely as ever. A holistic approach to nursing care is even more critical in value to the profession and patient care in


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