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SCP Analysis of Microsoft

As a manufacturing company, Microsoft produces more than 22,000 software programs for 11 computer platforms in 22 computer languages and then converts them into 28 human languages.

In terms of marketing, Microsoft is one of the most aggressive marketers in the world (Johnson & Scholes, 1996).

In relation to the industry, Microsoft is Number 1 in the Software production industry, and is Number 2 in the distribution of Internet browsing software.

The growth prospects for Microsoft in the software industry, and in the computer industry in general are limitless, since the company has experienced an average annual growth of 28 percent, and Microsoft software controls 9 out of 10 computers in the world (Bank & Wilke, 1998).

The business philosophy of Microsoft can best be described as aggressive creativity. Although the company is facing charges of unfair competition, its founder, Bill Gates, is flexible in approach and willing to change (DeLong, 1998). The overall philosophy of Microsoft is quality and service.

Until recently, Microsoft could be said to "own" the computer PC Software market, but the advent of UNIX and other operating systems that can compete with Windows technology does pose a threat that the company is not ignoring (Postrel, 1997, 5).

The reason behind this is that businesses all o


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