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Levi Strauss Commercial Case Analysis

As such, it does provide a measure of pre postexposure attitude shift. The Mapes & Ross copytest service employs the aided recall approach in one segment of the copytesting. The cost of the test approximates $4,200. Reliability of this approach to copy testing is highr = .81tor = .88.

The ASI Market Research, Inc. copytest service is also based on the persuasion criterion. Thus, it, too, provides a measure of pre postexposure attitude shift. With respect to the recall segment of the copytesting, the unaided recall approach is employed. The cost of the test approximates $4,850, and the reliability of the copytesting approach is highr = .81tor = .88. The TeleResearch, Inc. copytesting service is based on the purchase behavior criterion. Thus, it provides a measure of the extent to which individuals included in the test sample translated their exposure to an advertisement into an actual purchase of the product advertised. This copytesting service employs coupon stimulation. The cost of the service approximates $3,000, with a total cost approximating $5,000, if a delayed telephone recall measure is also desired. The 5TeleResearch, Inc. copytesting service is characterized by the advantages of the purchase behavior criterion to advertising copytesting.

Analysis of Alternative CopyTestingServices Within the Contexts of theProposed Advertising Campaigns______

The first of the two Levi Strauss advertising campaigns was to be concerned with corporate image, in which the overall objective of the campaign would be to build and maintain the Levi brand image. The campaign was intended to persuade target markets of the direct relationships between Levi quality and (1) the company's heritage of commitment to quality, and (2) the company's ability to maintain quality across the bredth of its entire product line. A major objective of this advertising campaign, thus, is persuasionpersuade the tar...

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