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Levi Srauss & Co. Case

Recall measures the ability of individuals to remember a specific advetisement. Recall copytesting may be either (1) aided or (2) unaided. In aided recall copytesting, an individual is shown a picture of the advertisement with the name of the product or company blocked from view. In unaided recall, the name of a product or company is provided, and an individual is asked to recall the commercial. In either the aided or unaided format, recall copytesting is most often conducted in the dayafterrecall (DAR) approach. In DAR copytesting, the measure is the proportion of the audience who actually viewed a show in which a commercial appeared who are able to recall something (almost anything) specific about the commercial. Average DAR is 24 percent, and onehalf of DARs fall in the 1531 percent range. The reliability of DAR copytesting is quite lowr = .30.

Persuasion copytesting provides a measure of attitude shift (AS). In this testing, brand preferences within a predetermined basket of goods are established for individuals in the test sample. The test sample is then exposed to a commercial being tested, which is presented within a group of commercials. Following this exposure, the individuals included in the test sample are asked to designate the brands which they would want in a free basket of goods (product content the same as that used in establishing preexposure brand preferences). The pre postexposure AS


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