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JOTUN Decorative Paint

Surveys found that such women are present in sizeable numbers in Egypt. The company will reach these women through advertising and promotion.

Market Positioning for JOTUN Decorative Paint

Competitive positioning requires the marketing organization to develop a general idea of what kind of offer to make to the target market in relation to the offers of competitors. Product positioning identifies the place will be sought for the product within the market in relation to competing products. Differentiation is one of the principal techniques by which product-positioning is accomplished (Kotler, 2002).

There are several factors that may be established as positioning criteria for decorative paint. Important among these factors are quality and price; however, the positioning decisions for JOTUN decorative paints cannot stop with these two factors. The positioning of JOTUN decorative paint also must include the position of the JOTUN Company. Members of the target market (identified by the segmentation criteria discussed in the preceding section) must be made aware that the JOTUN Company is the decorative paint market in Egypt that will:

Provide informed and helpful counseling to customers

Provide a wide range of colors for decorative paints that will be mixed to customer specifications

Guarantee the quality and performance of the product

With respect to quality, JOTUN decorative paints will be position at two levels - premium and high. Pricing for premium quality will be substantially higher than pricing for high quality.

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