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Historical Overview of Sindhi

What emerges from these brief analyses is the realization that "Sindhi" is a multi-dialect language that is modified or made unique in extremely small population units which, though perhaps concentrated in a relatively contiguous geographic region, nevertheless have managed to create a root language of enormous diversity.

David (2001) conducted a sociolinguistic study of the Sindhi-Hindu community in Malaysia which focused on language maintenance and shifts in this group. The study revealed that the Malaysian Sindhis are an urban ethnolinguistic minority comprising less than 1,000 people. This particular group of Sindhi speakers, as will be discussed below, engages in extensive code switching or borrowing with respect to both Malay and English.

A discussion of Sindhi by Bordie (1981) positioned Sindhi as a member of the Indo-European family of languages classified by G.A. Grierson as early as 1919 as one of the northwestern group, outer circle of the Indo-Aryan vernaculars spoken in Pakistan and India. As a language in this group, its closest relative is Lahnda Multani.

Bordie (1981) also stated that there are traceable affinities between Sindhi and the other languages of the Indus Valley and adjacent areas. Because Sindhi is an Indo-European language, there are many points of similarity with English, Russian, Greek, Persian, and related languages. These similarities tend to decrease with distance from the mouth of the Indus River.

John Beames (1986) sees Sanskrit as the parent of Sindhi and other languages that have been developed in the Indus region. Sindhi seems to share a large number of words with other languages of Aryan India. Beames (1986, p. 2) asserts that "Sanskrit is to the Hindi and its bretheen what Latin is to Italian and Spanish." In addition, Sanskritic languages appear to share many words in common with Farsi or Persian. The seven Sanskritic languages identified by Beames (1986) are: Panja...

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