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Information Management and Organizational Performance

In turn, an effective strategic management process increasingly depends on the effective application of advances in information technology.

In relation to the development of organizational strategy in the implementation of the strategic management process, management must focus on the clarity that comes from critical thinking, so that everyone walks away with a clear understanding of that vision. Critical thinking, to be effective, depends in large part on the availability of high quality information. Advances in information technology can provide high quality information in a timely manner to organizational managers.

The purpose of this study was to identify the processes for the effective integration of advances in information technology and the strategic management process within organizational structures in both the private-sector and the public-sector. As these processes will tend to vary according to industries and organizations, this study investigated the issues involved through the study of diverse case examples of the actual integration of advances in information technology and the strategic management process.

The investigation of the problem in this study occurred within the framework of a case study methodology. The case analysis approach to learning confronts people with situations that are characterized by temporal and developmental dimensions wherein a complex set of behavioral determinants are re


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