Weather Disturbances
Here we see the moral and dramatic significance emphasized--Othello will land safely from the storm, but he will be ultimately "lost" on the "dangerous sea" of evil plotted by Iago.

Othello does not recognize the omen of the storm: "If after every tempest come such calms/ May the winds blow till they have waken'd death!" (Othello, Act II, Scene 1, 183-184). Othello here believes that he is safe in Desdemona's arms, but he does not see that Iago will undermine his serenity, playing to his own distrust and jealousy. Morally, Othello fails to see that the external dangers of weather disturbances are omens, and that the greater danger is his own lack of trusting love for Desdemona. As he is misled by the nature of the storm, he will be misled by the external trappings of Iago's plotting.

Later, Othello calls on heaven and its powers to strike Iago: "Are there no stones in heaven/ But what serves for the thunder?--Precious villain!" (Othello, Act V, Scene 11, 242-243).

Othello fails to recognize his own evil, the dark force within himself that made it possible for Iago to work his evil ways in the first place. He does not recognize that he has called the symbolic stones

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