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The Escalation Situation Sample

217). The unintentional miscalculation of sunk costs and negative framing are information processing errors, and may be compounded by a major motivational cause of persistence, self-justification biases.

Individuals responsible for previous losses may try to justify their earlier decisions by committing additional resources to them. In practice, it may be argued that justification motives may affect commitment more than any sunk cost or framing effect because people slant data in the direction of their preexisting beliefs and discredit information that conflicts with their opinions. Self-justification notions are not always neatly packed: "Although self-justification notions may offer some insight into the nature (and possibly dysfunctional consequences) of persistence, we believe that these theories do not amount for all (or nearly all) of the varience in workers' persistence behavior" (Sandelands, Brockner & Glynn, 1988, p. 208). Decision-makers responsible for a failing course of action tend to make the greatest use of positive and exonerating information. In addition to efforts to justify behavior, some passive self-inference processes may also affect individuals in escalation situations. Individuals, for example, are likely to become especially bound or committed to a proper behavior when: the individual's acts are explicit or unambiguous; the individual's behavior is irrevocable or not easily undone; the individual's behavior has been entered into freely or has involved a high degree of volition; the act is important for the individual; the individual's act is public or is visible to others; and the individual's act has been performed a number of times. Researchers have found that "corporate commitment," though generally highly desirable, may not always be positive: "Although high levels of prior organizational or institutional commitment are generally beneficial to the organization . . . under certain conditions high levels ...

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