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* Brown, M. (1984). Shelter: A primary solution. School Arts, 83(8), 24-26.

The central claim of this article is that taking photographs can be a means of not only building students' literacy skills and teaching them a variety of different subject areas, but also, it can be a means of helping them adjust to life changes. Examples of life changes as they relate to school can consist of such experiences as moving from one school to another or adjusting to the closing of one's school.

Regarding the foregoing, the article presents the response of teachers to the imminent closing of their school. Specifically, teachers designed a six-month long curriculum around the theme of shelter, believing that this construct was central to the various emotions children might experience as a result of having their school closed.

Among the various curricular activities described and discussed in the article---activities used to not only teach children general literacy skills and other subjects but also to assist them in dealing with the closure of their school---were the activities of actually building cameras and taking photographs. Other activities which were included in the curriculum included thinking and verbalizing about the shelter, writing about shelters and going on field trips. Photographs were said to have helped the children improve their writing skills, especially as their writing related to communicating their personal feelings the concept of "sh


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