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Enhancing Writing Skills in English and Spanish

* Gray, D.E. & Gray, R.A. (1982) Cameras and kids: Visual literacy projects for children. Child Development, 59(1), 14-18.

This article, while not an experimental study, serves as a strong conceptual foundation for the use of the camera and the taking of photographs as a teaching tool for any subject area, including reading, writing and other language skills. Thus, it can serve as the theoretical foundation for learning claims regarding taking photographs as an instructional tool.

With respect to the foregoing, the article emphasizes visual learning and examines the applicability of visual learning for early childhood teaching, focusing specifically on the camera as a powerful teaching tool. The meaning and characteristics of visual learning as well as the psychological and learning implications for early childhood in particular are discussed in the article. In addition, the article offers several concrete suggestions for introducing photography to the young child. Also, specific visual literacy-related camera activities are described.

Based on the model of visual literacy and camera use constructed in the article, it is concluded that the most cogent reason for using the camera as a teaching tool is that it engenders a relevant learning environment that necessitates active student participation. In other words, using the camera to take their own pictures helps children to identify with the material in which they are being instructed and gets them actively involved in the class. Thus, their learning is improved over traditional instruction methods.

* Sinatra, R. (1988). Examining the use of photo essays on students' writing ability. Special issue: Visual literacy and its relationships to written literacy. Reading Psychology, 9(4), 399-408.

This article makes the point that cameras and photography offer children a tool for investigating interesting scenes in their environments, turning them into active observers of ...

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