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Comparison of Manual and Mechanical Techniques

In this test of a mechanical device also, 14 subjects were included in the research sample. The 14 subjects in this test sample, however, were somewhat older than were the subjects in the earlier test sample. The subjects in the 1981 test sample ranged in age from 15 years old to 24 years old, with a mean subject age of 19 years old.

Where all of the patients included in the Maxwell and Redomond (1979) test sample were in remission from their cystic fibrosis, however, the subjects included in the 1981 test sample were not in remission. In the Pryor, Parker, and Webber (1981) study, 13 of the 14 subjects had been admitted to hospital for acute exacerbation of their bronchopulmonary infection, while the fourteenth subject had been admitted to hospital for an initial assessment. Of the 14 subjects, two refused to participate in the test and were withdrawn from the research sample. Of the 12 subjects remaining in the test sample, nine subjects "required intravenous antibiotics and three required only oral antibiotics" (Pryor, Parker, & Webber, 1981, p. 123).

The 12 subjects were studied over a four-day period. In this test, however, unlike the earlier test conducted by Maxwell and Redmond (1979), the subjects performed the chest therapies on themselves both with the mechanical device and using the manual procedure. The manual procedure in this test involved one or two forced expirations "from mid to low lung volume combined with periods of relaxed diaphragmatic breathing" (Pryor, Parker, & Webber, 1981, pp. 123-124).

The results of this test found that the manual method of chest percussion produced a greater volume of sputum than did the Salford percussor. The researchers determined, however, that the volume differences were not statistically significant. Pryor, Parker, and Webber (1981) concluded on the basis of their test outcomes that "no further improvement either in the efficiency of treatment or in individual independ...

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