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Comparison Between Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Siegle (1) lists the arguments supporting this claim for qualitative research. In brief, qualitative research is said to yield more valid findings about phenomena because its findings are closer to real-life situations due to the fact that researchers conducting qualitative research study phenomena out in the field where all contextual variables are in play and operating.

Further, Siegle (1) reports that advocates of qualitative research methods also hold that it is much easier to derive meaning (both practical and conceptual) from qualitative research than it is from the very small and narrowly defined examination of the phenomena that quantitative research provides.

Another argument in favor of qualitative research, according to Siegle (1) is that qualitative methods are more valid because quantitative methods study phenomena in artificial laboratory conditions; these conditions themselves influence and affect the phenomena (e.g., subjects who lie, poorly designed questionnaires, etc.). The result of this artificiality is that it produces little more than findings that are methodological artifacts. However, when out in the real-world conducting research, the phenomena is unrestricted in its occurrences and thereby provides the research with not only an observation of it but also an observation of the general framework within which it really occurs.

On the other hand, Bostrom (275-294) states that advocates of quantitative research hold that the problem with qualitative research is that it is fundamentally subjective while empirical methods are objective. The findings of empirical studies do not depend on what the researcher thinks or supposes or desires to occur; rather, the findings are completely independent of the researcher. Thus empirical findings are more objective and the proof of this is that quantitative studies can be 'double checked' for validity by replicating the study. This typically cannot be done with q...

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