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However, according to Powell (2007)inclusion does more than merely place special students who are able to 'fit in' in the regular classroom.

Instead, inclusion is based on the perspective that it is a child's right to be treated equally and accorded all services required in any classroom. Thus, inclusion (whether it be partial or full-time) places the child in the regular classroom in conjunction with a planned system of training and supports; it does not 'cherry pick' only those whose disabilities are sufficiently mild that they can 'fit it' with only a few modifications.

According to Fink (2004), the training and support provided to special children in the inclusive classroom typically involves the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team which will include both regular and special teachers or other personnel. In some cases, it can even include family members and peers.

Thus, the key difference between mainstreaming and inclusion is a shift in emphasis. A child who is mainstreamed is excepted to perform at or near grade level with few adaptations, while inclusion provides a menu of services in order to make it possible for the child to do well in the classroom. Also, inclusion has the ultimate goal of full integration of special education students while mainstreaming does not.

Essay 2: Pros and Cons of Inclusion

There are several advantages and disadvantages associated with inclusion. In this regard, McCarty (2005) notes that one of the main a

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