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Individualized Studies Program degree

My personal observations gained working with youthful offenders over the years is that too many of them have substituted an investment in delinquency, drugs and gangs for the required structural and cultural investment necessary for success in the greater society. It is clear to me that criminology and sociology are inseparable, and this justifies my choice of a combined sociology and criminal justice program. It also represents the main reason I am excited to pursue an Individualized Studies Program that combines Criminal Justice and Sociology.

Although I have taken many courses that apply to my concentration, I have not yet earned a formal degree in any field. At the University of Southern Colorado I completed such courses as The Criminal Justice System, Criminology, Penology, Delinquency and Juvenile Justice, Victimology, Correctional Administration and Political Sociology among others; these courses were all in the sociology department, illustrating my belief in the deep connection between crime and socio-economic and cultural forces.

At Charter Oak State College I have also taken several courses in preparation for my concentration. These include Introduction to the Criminal Justice System, Constitutional Law, Probation and Parole, The American Correctional System, and Crime Prevention and Loss Reduction, a course of particular interest to me since it focused on prevention systems and loss reduction strategies in the area of crime prevention.

After researching several colleges, I am convinced that Charter Oak State College offers the best program for me to achieve my goal. The College's own stated goal to "help adults achieve career success and personal fulfillment" matches my needs and desires. I need this degree so that I can have a better chance at upward mobility prospects in my chosen field. I do not want t


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