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George Seurat's La Grande Jatte Painting

This world, as painted by Seurat, is precise; each figure, each tree, every bit of light and shadow are placed to make a statement and to reflect a pattern (Gardner 684). The colors of this world are vibrant yet somehow muted, consisting of tiny "dots" of color and light that are a bit shy of photographic in their impact. As I gaze at myself in the frame, I take on the attitude of a Sunday afternoon at leisure, spent in the company of other city-dwellers relaxing in the temperate air of a beautiful day.

Seurat, born in 1859 and died in 1891, had a short but brilliant career (Janson 643). Seeking to make Impressionism "solid and durable" like Cezanne, he did not work in the hazy, vibrant brushstrokes of other Impressionists. As this painting de


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