The Anti-Globalization Movement
Conversely, it's weakness is shown by the fact that nothing has really changed at least yet in the allocation of power between the rich and poor nations of the world.

I will critique the anti-globalization movement from a Canadian perspective, in order to understand how one of the world's "middle powers" (neither Third World nor hegemon) has been affected by the recent growth of undemocratic supra-national organizations such as the World Trade Organization, the IMF, NAFTA, and the World Bank, and how activists seek to reform or abolish these agencies.

Globalization is a diffuse and complex subject, involving a number of political, economic, environmental, legal, and human rights issues. By the same token, the anti-globalization movement is made up of a number of motley organizations with diverse interests, programs, analyses, and tactics, and is similarly difficult to simplify and define precisely.

In the Financial Times (10/15/01) James Harding describes the picture painted by the anti-globalisation campaigners' critique as "a world in which companies fuelled by the demands of hungry stockholders exploit people, pillage resources, and capture democratic institutions" all over the Earth.

The Canadian Dimension Editorial Collective puts it a little more precisely (7-8/02), which I will quote at length because of its insight and clarity:

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